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The national Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination program began in 2007 to protect females against HPV infections that can lead to cancer and disease later in life. Studies have since shown a substantial drop in HPV-related infection among the vaccinated group.

The free HPV vaccine is available to males and females aged 12-13 years in schools. Males aged 14-15 years are also able to get the vaccine at school in 2014. Parents or guardians are required to complete a consent form and return it to their child’s school to participate in the program.

Once a child’s parent or guardian has consented, the vaccine is given as three injections over a period of six months by qualified immunisation providers. It is important to complete the full course – all three doses – for the best protection.

Rollout of the program in your state/territory

HPV program rollout for 2014 outlining the Year levels to be immunised by state. Australian Capital Territory Year 7 and 9 for boys, Year 7 for girls. New South Wales Year 7 and 9 for boys, Year 7 for girls. Northern Territory Year 7 and 9 for boys, Year 7 for girls. Queensland Year 8 and 10 for boys, Year 8 for girls. South Australia Year 8 and 9 for boys, Year 8 for girls. Tasmania Year 7 and 9 for boys, Year 7 for girls. Victoria Year 7 and 9 for boys, Year 7 for girls. Western Australia Year 8 for boys and Year 8 for girls.

Ongoing HPV vaccinations will occur in the first year of secondary school in your state/territory, with the male catch-up program occurring in year 9 or 10.

Contact details for your state/territory health department and parent consent forms

State Name Consent form
Australian Capital Territory ACT Health ACT consent form 2012 (PDF 389KB)
New South Wales NSW Ministry of Health NSW consent_form_(PDF 711KB)
Northern Territory Northern Territory Department of Health NT consent form (PDF 541KB)
Tasmania Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services TAS consent form (PDF 106KB)
Queensland Queensland Health QLD consent form (PDF 1.3MB – large file)
South Australia SA Health SA consent form Year 8 (PDF 82KB)

SA consent form Year 9 boys (PDF 90KB)

Victoria Victorian Department of Health VIC consent form Year 7 (PDF 389KB)

VIC consent form Year 9 boys (PDF 319KB)

Western Australia Western Australia Department of Health WA consent form (PDF 1MB – large file)

For more information visit ‘About HPV‘ and ‘The vaccine‘ pages or visit the ‘Ask an Expert’ page.

The state/territory consent forms on this website are only available in PDF format and are not fully accessible. These documents have been provided from the relevant state/territory health department.

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Evaluation of the National HPV Vaccination Program Campaign

This report presents findings from the research based evaluation of the National Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination Program Campaign, undertaken in July 2013.

You can download the following versions: