HPV vaccination comic for young women


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HPV and me – My health, my future


PAGE 1  Panel 1

MUM/ELAINE: Who’s that young fella?

BIANCA: That’s just a friend. Wes from school. He’s into footy big time.

PAGE 1  Panel 2

MUM/ELAINE: Bianca, I was at the AMS yesterday and I read that 12-13 year olds can get the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination at school or community health clinics in some remote areas.

BIANCA: Yeah, me and the other girls have been talking ‘bout that.

PAGE 1  Panel 3

MUM/ELAINE: ‘Bout that HPV vaccination?

BIANCA: Mum can we talk about it later. I’m a bit busy now.

PAGE 1  Panel 4

MUM/ELAINE: I think we gotta talk ‘bout it Bianca. This vaccination helps protect you against cervical cancer.

BIANCA: Ok mum. I get it. It’s important.



PAGE 2  Panel 1

MUM/ELAINE: I reckon the vaccination is a good idea. Our mob has enough health problems…

BIANCA: Ok mum, we can have a yarn ‘bout it.

PAGE 2  Panel 2

MUM/ELAINE: The consent form you brought home yesterday. I want to sign it. What do you reckon?

BIANCA: I guess…well, I s’ppose so.

PAGE 2  Panel 3

MUM/ELAINE: This HPV vaccination is given over six months. You need to have three doses. It’s important to get the full course.

BIANCA: So, it’s the best protection against some cancers and disease?

MUM/ELAINE: Yep, once you get the three doses.



PAGE 3  Panel 1

BIANCA: Is it ok mum if I talk to my friends ‘bout it?

MUM/ELAINE: ‘Course it is. We should all be finding out as much as we can about the vaccination.

PAGE 3  Panel 2

BIANCA:  Hey Jaz, you’re in Year 9. You had that HPV vaccination?

JAZ: Yeah, mum and Aunty thought I should have it. I did too, and I got all three doses. Keeps you safe that way.

PAGE 3  Panel 3

LIZZY: Mum and dad want me to get the HPV vaccination. Mum thinks it’s important medicine to have.

BIANCA: Yeah, I didn’t think much ‘bout it before but mum says it’s important for our community as it reduces the spread of the virus.

PAGE 3  Panel 4

BIANCA: You know all this talk about keeping our mob healthy has me thinking…I might become a health worker when I leave school.



PAGE 4  Panel 2

BIANCA: Hey Wes, big game on Sunday eh?

WES: We’ve got it covered. No problems sis.

PAGE 4  Panel 3

WES:  Got some good news. I’m playing on the zone team…thought I’d have a night out to celebrate. Wanna go with me to see Troy Cassar-Daley.

BIANCA: You and me? S’ppose I might be free that night ‘specially since you’re playing on the zone team now… just joking, eh?


PAGE 5  Panel 1

JAZ: You know I’ve been thinking ‘bout that HPV vaccination and I reckon there’s no shame in getting it. Check out the website australia.gov.au/hpv. It’s got heaps of good info on it.

PAGE 5  Panel 2

MUM/ELAINE: I went through this stuff last night. Everything I’ve read makes me think you should get the HPV vaccination Bianca.

BIANCA: Yeah mum, I think so too. It’s the best protection I can get against HPV-related cancers and disease.

PAGE 5  Panel 3

MUM/ELAINE: You know luv, it’s really important to get the second and third dose too. We can’t let that slip.

BIANCA: Yeah, the full course is the best protection for me and for us mob eh.

PAGE 5  Panel 4

VACCINATION NURSE: Don’t forget Bianca, we will be returning to the school to do the two follow-up vaccinations.


PAGE 6  Panel 1

MUM/ELAINE: Now you two home early eh? No getting in late.

BIANCA’S DAD: Yeah. You look out for Bianca.

WES: No problems. Bianca and me are mates. We’ll stick together.

PAGE 6  Panel 3

WES: You know Bianca, when I leave school I want to be a professional footy player.

BIANCA: Yeah, I’ve been thinking since all this HPV vaccination stuff came up that I might be an Aboriginal Health Worker…help us mob stay well.

PAGE 6  Panel 4

WES: Yeah, doing something for the community is cool. When I’m playing footy at the top level, I want to be someone young fellas can look up to just like that deadly fella on stage.