HPV vaccination comic for young men


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HPV and me – My health, my future


PAGE 1  Panel 2

JESS: Hey Wes, have you heard about these new vaccinations goin’ on at school?

WES: Kinda, what’s it about?

JESS:  It’s a vaccination against Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which can cause different kinds of cancers and disease.

PAGE 1  Panel 3

WES: Since when do you know about all this stuff?

PAGE 1  Panel 4

JESS: I saw a poster at school that says it’s for 12 – 13 year olds. It also said that you can get the vaccination at community health clinics in some remote areas. It sounds like it’s a good idea to get vaccinated, you know?

PAGE 1  Panel 5

WES: Yeah. I just reckon it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cancer. Hey look, coach is calling us, let’s go.


PAGE 2  Panel 1:

BIANCA: How was footy training? Do you think coach will pick you for the zone team?

WES: Yeah, hope so…I’ve been working really hard. He said something about vaccinations going on at school as well. You heard anything?

BIANCA: You mean the HPV injections? Yeah, you fellas can get the vaccination this year.

PAGE 2  Panel 2:

WES: Don’t you have to get your parents’ permission? I don’t think dad will know what it’s all about.

BIANCA: They have info at school you can take home.

PAGE 2  Panel 3:

MUM: You know them HPV shots are coming up at Wes’ school soon?

DAD: Isn’t that for girls?

MUM: Young fellas can get the vaccination for free now too. He’ll need the three doses to protect him from HPV-related cancers and disease.

PAGE 2  Panel 4:

DAD: We never had them in my day. Do you think it’s a good idea?

MUM: HPV is a common virus which can cause some cancers and disease in fellas as well as women… Why don’t you have a read of the brochure and have a talk to Wes about it?



PAGE 3  Panel 2:

COREY: Wes, you worked hard at training today. I reckon coach will pick you for zone!

WES:  You reckon? Hope so, I’ve been getting fit and working hard…so I can show him I’m ready.

COREY: What else is up? You ok cuz?

PAGE 3  Panel 3:

WES: Just this HPV vaccination going on at school, not sure what to do. Are you getting it?

COREY: Yeah cuz, there’s no shame, so I’m getting the vaccine. It’s for 14-15 year old fellas too until the end of 2014.

WES: Hmm, ok. Suppose I should talk to mum and dad.


PAGE 3  Panel 4:

COREY: Well if you’re not sure, have a talk with Mr Williams. He’s the Aboriginal Liaison Officer at school and he knows all about it.

WES: Yeah, that might be a good idea, thanks man.



PAGE 4  Panel 2:

WES: Hi Mr Williams, can we have a yarn about this HPV vaccination? People keep telling me to get it.

MR WILLIAMS: Well Wes, HPV can cause some cancers and disease, and many of these cancers are preventable by vaccination. That means there’s no reason for our mob to be getting some types of HPV anymore.

PAGE 4  Panel 3:

MR WILLIAMS:  You see Wes, getting the vaccine doesn’t just help you, it helps the community too by reducing the spread of the virus.

WES: Yeah, I guess

MR WILLIAMS: There’s info being sent home to parents. Have a talk at home about it.

PAGE 4  Panel 4:

DAD: So what you think Wes? Mum and I think getting this vaccination is the smart way to go. How do you feel about it?

WES: Yeah, I think it’s a good idea too Dad.



PAGE 5  Panel 1:

FRIEND: Hey Wes, did you speak to Mr Williams the other day about the HPV vaccination? How did it go?

WES: Yeah. It was really good…I spoke to mum and dad too. We had the info flyer from school when we had a yarn. You should have a read.

PAGE 5  Panel 2:

FRIEND: Oh yeah, mum was reading that the other day.

WES: There’s a website as well, australia.gov.au/hpv

PAGE 5  Panel 4:

NURSE: Now remember Wes, it’s important to get all three doses of the vaccine. We will be returning to the school to do the two follow-up vaccinations.



PAGE 6  Panel 1:

COACH: Glad I bumped into you…got some good news for you, you’re on the team.

WES: The zone team? Deadly…didn’t think I’d make it.

COACH: Well you worked hard Wes, that’s important and so is staying fit and healthy for the future.

WES: You bet. Thanks Coach…see you at training.

PAGE 6  Panel 2:

WES: Hey aren’t you Troy Cassar-Daley? I saw your story ‘bout the HPV vaccination!

TROY: Yep, that’s me, have you got your vaccination yet?

PAGE 6  Panel 3:

WES: I did yeah. Once I got all the right info about it I knew it was the best thing to do, for me and the community.

TROY: Good on you mate, hope to see you at the concert later this week. I’ll give you a shout out.

PAGE 6  Panel 4:

WES: Too Deadly.